About Me

Mr. Carpenter

Joey at Bankok Thai on Main

Popular Literature/Academic Studies

Email: jcarpenter@alpinedistrict.org    Phone: (801) 717-4568  ext.140

I grew up just north of Chicago in a town called Northbrook, came out to Utah to go to college, married a beautiful local girl, and stayed put.  I swapped trees for mountains (a fair trade), and real pizza for Domino’s (not even close), but I love it here.

I received my teaching degree from BYU, finished my student teaching at Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, and came straight here to Lone Peak.  I’ve been here since 2001, with a few detours along the way.  I love Lone Peak—the students, the faculty, the admin, the community.  It feels good here, and I’m always excited to start a new year.  I can most humbly say that I never dread going to work in the morning.

Before becoming a teacher (something my mother says is “cosmic justice”) I worked with at-risk youth in state’s custody.  I helped them through their mandated programs, and co-facilitated substance abuse group therapy sessions.  Tough at times, but I loved it.  It’s what led me to eventually do what I do now.

For more info and pics, you can check out my post on our Popular Lit. Google+ Community introductions page. Please let me know if you’ve got any questions or if I can help in any way.  (Or if you’re bringing in food, because then I have to pace myself.)

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