The Day-by-Day


What We Did-HorizontalWeird Word Wednesday!  Every Wednesday in here (so every other week), we’re going to look at some strange words.  Your job is to try to guess at their meanings, and then to

We also had you do a quick, 4-minute reading assessment.  The only points here are participation points.  Check with us if you weren’t here.

To wrap things up, we showed you a video demonstrating what the ReadMate technology can do.  It’s pretty cool stuff, and now even cooler since it’s on an app.  Here’s the video:

We also went in and got you registered for the app.  Check in with us to see how to do that.


What We Did-HorizontalFirst up today, we watched “How the Way You Write Changes the Way You Think”:

While you were watching, you filled out this handout. If you weren’t here, make sure you give the video a watch and bring back the paper.

Next, we read 5 New Brain Disorders that were Born Out of the Digital Age while working in groups.  If you weren’t here, go ahead and read the article and follow the instructions at the beginning and end of the article.

You guys did really well today!  This is what’s going to keep giving you full Daily Points—nice work!


What We Did-HorizontalToday we went over to the library to check out a book, if you didn’t already have one.  We’ll be reading in here daily, so you need to have a book with you every time.  And again, make sure it’s a book you want to read, or at least have an interest in.

You also finished and then presented your Personal Pie Chart, and we passed out the hard-copy of the Accelerated Reading Disclosure.


Bring back the signature sheet of the disclosure document.


What We Did-HorizontalFirst day!  We went over the Accelerated Reading Disclosure briefly, and then got you working on getting to know each other by using a handout to find other people in the class with certain life experiences.  You then got going on your Personal Pie Chart, describing where your time goes.  If any questions, please swing by and talk to Mr. Carpenter or Mrs. Wahlin.